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I am the laziest, but Chapter Nine is finally up!

Unrelated: I recently went to Halifax for a week to visit my ~folks (highlight: "Gangnam Style" playing in the gay bar), and while I was there I got a tattoo.

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Ages ago, someone on my flist posted a link to a site full of pictures of heavily tattooed people in casual wear next to pictures of the same people in their work clothes. I can't remember the name- Corporate Ink? Ink Inc?- but Google ain't giving me shit. Anyone have the URL?
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So I got a tattoo today! )

Little Brother and I went to the comic book shop afterwards. I bought a beautifully obnoxious Umbrella Academy coffee mug (the bottom says "thank you for the coffee"! I couldn't NOT buy it) and a set of Serenity action figures. Jayne is currently sitting on top of a small stack of Discworld books, menacing Shakespeare. Then we both decided to buy parasols, because we are pritty pritty ladies. Apparently. (Comic Shop Guy called Little Brother "she," probably because of his flowing locks. He was a little disheartened by it, but then I told him that androgyny is a sign of a well-balanced psyche and if other people don't get that that's their problem, not his, and I think it cheered him up a little.) I also had a tremendously edifying conversation with a shop clerk about the wisdom of majoring in Philosophy. Luckily I'm not.

That shop sells Nietzsche wristwatches. I don't know how to feel about that.

All in all, today was an A+ day. Now I'm going to go make tea in my obnoxious coffee mug and listen to the new Spinnerette album. Has anyone else heard it? It's pretty much the most fuckable record I've heard so far this year.
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Some songs I am currently grooving to:

Paramore- Brighter
Flyleaf- I'm So Sick
Attack In Black- Like Young Leaves
R.E.M.- Electrolite
Planes Mistaken For Stars- Knuckle Hungry

Spent the evening eating banana cream pie and watching Empire Records with my sister. A most premium way to end the weekend, I feel.

And this is what I did this afternoon. )

I also bought Conor Oberst's solo album and it is beautiful like clear summer days and long empty roads.

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