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- The reintroduction of Wellbutrin to my life. That is going pretty well, although I was a deeply paranoid mess for the first two weeks and spent a lot of time listening to Kid A and thinking a lizard-man was going to drown me in the bath. I also thought I was Patton Oswalt for like ten seconds, but that may be unrelated.

- An epic going-away party in which I had many drunk feelings and yelled about them. I hugged a lot of people and didn't cry that much. As parties go, it was a good one.

- A move from St. John's to Halifax. I haven't lived full-time in N.S. since 2006, and it's a major adjustment. No one here eats salt meat and they look at me funny when I say "yis." (Then again, Newfoundlanders also look at me funny when I say "yis." My Newfoundland accent leaves something to be desired. Like, for example, any resemblance to an actual Newfoundland accent.) I keep seeing people I think I recognize from high school and staring at them intently. Beginning to wonder if am giving impression of being axe-murderer.

- The end of a job I really, really liked. Working in a bank was not exciting, but it was secure and enjoyable and the people that I worked with were, by and large, very nice. (And they gave me a handbag with zombies on it on my last day, because I was apparently their pet alternabrat. So cute.) Since getting to Halifax I've applied for roughly forty jobs, got interviews for four, and was accepted for one... at Subway. "Displeased" does not quite cover my feelings on this situation, but I am still busily applying for other things, and in the meantime, it's a way to pay the bills.

Also, I get tips, which are pretty rad.

- Dal registration. I have my schedule for my first semester of library school, and I am unbearably excited even though my first class is unbearably early.

- The acquisition of a wee apartment building (with a deck!), nicknamed "The Bro's Nest."

- The acquisition of a mature white lady-cat, name of Violet. She is very affectionate in that anxious, if-I-don't-follow-you-to-the-bathroom-you-will-surely-disappear way that is so particular to shelter cats. The other pusses have adjusted, with the exception of Roman, who seems to be certain that we brought her here specifically to ruin his life. Then again, that is his response to pretty much everything.

- The acquisition of an Amy, who could not initially move down with me because our lease was not up. BUT NOW I HAVE MY CLAWS IN HER AND SHE CANNOT ESCAPE. She finds Halifax bizarre, partly because someone cat-called her the other day by yelling "you're beautiful!" And because people get shot here a lot. She is going to apply to the Funeral Direction program at NSCC, so she can learn how to chill with dead people and their friends.

- The acquisition of NOT A SINGLE FRIEND. I'm okay with it as of right now, because no one has friends when they first move, and the few people I knew in high school who I'd want to be friends with now seem to have vanished. However, if I do not have friends by the end of September I shall be quite put out.


- The new season of Arrested Development, which: eh.
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Chapter Four is now up! George Cooper: still creepy, gettin' creepier.

The Missus and I (plus a mutual friend) went to see The Hunger Games last night, and WERE WE NOT ENTERTAINED?! (We were, in fact!) Cinna and Haymitch were my favourites in the books and they continued to be my favourites on screen, but more so because Woody Harrelson and also Lenny Kravitz forever. I am weirded out that the dudes they got to play Peeta and Gale are being marketed as teen heartthrobs now, though. Those were the derpiest faces that ever hurr'd a durr.

Also: Wes Bentley's beard. I want one.
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Tonight I made Little Brother watch E.T., because somehow he managed to make it to age thirteen (nearly fourteen!) without seeing it even once. I don't know how that happened. Clearly I fail as a mentor.

E.T. is something I'm slightly embarrassed to admit to getting emotional about, because it's about a white suburban kid who befriends a cuddly alien and that is pretty uncool! But I tear up every time I watch it anyway, because I am a sucker for stories in which Lonely, Alienated Children Befriend Strange Creatures.* Elliott is the first movie character I ever remember really relating to, and I really wanted an E.T. when I was little. Except one that looked a little less weird and ugly and didn't make so many fucked up noises. I also wanted a bike with a basket on the front like Elliott's with which to transport said E.T., and a really huge closet to store it in so my mother wouldn't find out about it. I didn't get any of those, not even the bike with the basket, but it was nice to dream.

Anyway, I think the movie would have gone better for LB if he hadn't just watched the video for "Telephone" fifty bajillion times in a row. He ended up giggling and singing to himself every time E.T. said he was going to phone home and, during the climactic scene in which E.T. goes back onto the spaceship, wondered aloud if Lady Gaga was going to be in there.

Kids these days.

Oh, speaking of Lady Gaga, would you like to hear about how she and Beyonce totally saved my life on Friday? You probably don't, which is why I put it under a cut! )

The night after Lady Gaga and Beyonce saved my life, I went to a costume party. I was waffling over what I wanted to be for a while- I've already been a riot grrrl, a zombie Catholic schoolboy, Daria Morgendorfer, and Donnie Darko, so I was starting to run out of ideas. And then I watched Velvet Goldmine twice in one week and started listening to Without You I'm Nothing again and, well, this happened. )

Things currently making my life:

The Iggy Pop/Gerard Way interview, still. Even though it is mostly a back-and-forth consisting of "You're GREAT, Iggy!" "No, YOU'RE great, Gerard!" "Oh, know what else is great? Green Day!" "And golf!" "And babies!" "Gosh, everything is so great." "Just like us." "Yeah."

This nostalgic post about the early days of the Internets. I find it difficult to picture a world without lolcats. I mean, obviously I know it existed, I was ALIVE, but still. Weird.

Health care! Granted, I'm Canadian so I already had it, but still, hurrah. (The Stupak Amendment is still getting me down, though.)

This. Yes. A thousand times yes.

Baby otters.

... my mother just poked her head into my bedroom to inform me that she stole a turkey. I think the poor woman may finally be cracking under the stress.

* The Iron Giant is also something I get absurdly teary over. Actually, E.T. and The Iron Giant are pretty much the same story, except one has kids riding bicycles into the moon and the other one has, um, atomic bombs. I think The Iron Giant is a better story overall, but I don't remember watching it in a pair of footie pajamas so E.T. has the upper hand when it comes to turnin' on the waterworks.

** His parents are Ukrainian-Canadian (hence the single-vowel name), he was raised partly in London, and he spent a good lot of his college years in Prague. Try to imagine what that sounds like. Then add a drawl, expressive hand gestures, a look of vague disdain, and a little black cap. Yep. TERRIFYING.

*** No, really, that's how I said it.
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Questions for... well, everyone, I guess:

1) How big is the gap between Asperger's Syndrome and high-functioning autism? (From what I understand the two overlap a lot. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

2) What is the Baptist Church's official stance re:stigmata? (Any info about the Baptist Church would be useful, actually- I know very little about it.)

3) What does it feel like to have a nosebleed? (I've never had one.)

4) How do you know when "coffee" is not just coffee but coffee? (Because I just made plans to go for coffee with a friend, but I think said friend may be under the impression that these plans are for coffee instead of coffee. And, um, that could be problematic!)

5) How much does Thomas Hobbes suck? (Like, a lot, right?)

This list brought to you by the Gerald Doesn't Wanna Finish Hir Philosophy Paper Wildlife Fund.

ETA: From the essay I am currently writing on Hobbes' theory of the state of nature:

"Hobbes would have us believe that people tend not to murder their children because of the power of law and the state, but this is nonsense: anyone who has ever been in the same room with a fussy baby for more than ten minutes is sure to wonder why its parents do not simply drop it into the nearest lake and tell the authorities that dingoes ate it."

I don't even care if I am grossly misrepresenting Hobbes here,* I am not cutting that sentence.

* I am, but only because I don't like him.
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I showed a bunch of people in the Centre James Joyce's letters to Nora today.

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Spent the last night of 2009 in a happy haze of beer, pot, and gingerbread with some delightful people. And got a call from a very certain girl at the stroke of midnight.

2010, you are off to a good start.

Time for that meme I post every year. )
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From a friend on Facebook:

so... some random girl went up to my gf at the hedwig show at the rockhouse and asked "are you ishyface?" hahahahhahah. michelle was like "uh noooo?" ... guess she was looking for you!

Alright, guys, fess up.
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This weekend, I...

... wore a schoolgirl outfit and claimed I was dressed as a victim of tentacle rape.

... helped someone shop for an anniversary gift.

... went to a house party where I drank delicious purple punch and danced like a mofo to "Living Dead Girl" and "I Love Myself Today." And was slightly molested by a drunk gay boy. (This same boy tried to teach me how to waltz. It did not take.)

... had one of those interesting two-in-the-morning walks that involve Deep Discussions and many lols.

... made cupcakes.

... was a riot grrrl. She's got the hottest trike in town. )

... went trick-or-treating for the first time in years, with a Glinda, a Victorian vampire, a cat-girl, and a Jack Skellington.

... sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" at a bus stop.

... attended another house party that involved psychedelic ceiling projections, Shiva, and being renamed "Flatchest."

... went to the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar and saw an old friend from Corner Brook in a dinosaur costume.

... tried to keep track of Drunk Gay Boy (yeah, same one) while grooving to the Veronicas.

... saw a guy dressed as Dr. Horrible.

... was smooched by a drag queen.

... was smooched by a lady.

... slowdanced.

... met a boy with a green mohawk dressed as Frank-N-Furter and got angry at him for saying that women can't write. (He argued that since he likes the Slits it's okay that he thinks this and he's not sexist. Which, um, no, dude.)

... slept on someone's floor and snuggled. :)

... celebrated my famjam birthday and requested "Oasis" instead of "Happy Birthday." (They sang it for me, too! At least Little Brother and Sister did- Mum and Dad just kind of stared in horror.)

And now I'm writing a take-home exam. (Theoretically, at least.)

Tomorrow I will be twenty-one. I am trying not to freak out too hard about it, and fully intend on buying Hedwig tickets as a birthday present to ME. And maybe a tattoo as well. \o/
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Life is so funny.

This morning I was really, really sad and cranky, because job, and because midterm, and because essay, and because other midterm, and because depression.* I was still feeling pretty cranky when I got out of my last class, because grammar, and because rain. And then I bumped (very nearly literally) into an old friend of mine from high school, Jennah! (Back when she believed in the Internets she went by [ profile] _calamityjane_.) She hadn't known I'd switched campuses, and even though we grew apart after she graduated we decided to hang out for a little while.

We were walking back to her residence apartment and she asked me if I knew anyone else on campus. If I'd seen anyone "from home."

"Not really," I said. We'd wandered into a part of the school I hadn't been to before, and I was looking around to make sure I wouldn't get lost when I walked back. "Just my old... roommate... Stephanie..."

I trailed off, because there, walking towards me, was my old roommate Stephanie!

"Gerald!" she exclaimed, waving. "I didn't know you transferred here!"

"Neither did I," Jennah said, and they started talking, and it dawned on me in a matter of seconds that not only do these two know each other, they're fucking roommates.

"This," I said to the world at large, "is so. Fucking. Weird."

And I sat on their couch and gossiped for two hours, and it was fucking weird, and fucking awesome.

(I also saw a rat on the lawn! Which does not sound adorable but really, really was because he was carrying a wrapper in his mouth for his nest and it was waving like a flag and he kept hopping. I love rats.)

I found some pictures I took the other day. )

* For which I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning! Which is good.

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