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My Chemical Romance broke up.

The day afterward I got accepted to grad school.

This has been a week of many, many feelings.

(Today is also my five-year antiversary.* The amount of feelings I am having is practically illegal.)

* tl;dr on this day five years ago I broke up with someone I thought I was going to marry kind of and it made me really sad and then it made me really happy and now I make sure to make note of the date whenever it comes around. Only Very Old LJ Friends will remember this happening, so if you do, congrats, you are practically ready for retirement.
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Tonight I made Little Brother watch E.T., because somehow he managed to make it to age thirteen (nearly fourteen!) without seeing it even once. I don't know how that happened. Clearly I fail as a mentor.

E.T. is something I'm slightly embarrassed to admit to getting emotional about, because it's about a white suburban kid who befriends a cuddly alien and that is pretty uncool! But I tear up every time I watch it anyway, because I am a sucker for stories in which Lonely, Alienated Children Befriend Strange Creatures.* Elliott is the first movie character I ever remember really relating to, and I really wanted an E.T. when I was little. Except one that looked a little less weird and ugly and didn't make so many fucked up noises. I also wanted a bike with a basket on the front like Elliott's with which to transport said E.T., and a really huge closet to store it in so my mother wouldn't find out about it. I didn't get any of those, not even the bike with the basket, but it was nice to dream.

Anyway, I think the movie would have gone better for LB if he hadn't just watched the video for "Telephone" fifty bajillion times in a row. He ended up giggling and singing to himself every time E.T. said he was going to phone home and, during the climactic scene in which E.T. goes back onto the spaceship, wondered aloud if Lady Gaga was going to be in there.

Kids these days.

Oh, speaking of Lady Gaga, would you like to hear about how she and Beyonce totally saved my life on Friday? You probably don't, which is why I put it under a cut! )

The night after Lady Gaga and Beyonce saved my life, I went to a costume party. I was waffling over what I wanted to be for a while- I've already been a riot grrrl, a zombie Catholic schoolboy, Daria Morgendorfer, and Donnie Darko, so I was starting to run out of ideas. And then I watched Velvet Goldmine twice in one week and started listening to Without You I'm Nothing again and, well, this happened. )

Things currently making my life:

The Iggy Pop/Gerard Way interview, still. Even though it is mostly a back-and-forth consisting of "You're GREAT, Iggy!" "No, YOU'RE great, Gerard!" "Oh, know what else is great? Green Day!" "And golf!" "And babies!" "Gosh, everything is so great." "Just like us." "Yeah."

This nostalgic post about the early days of the Internets. I find it difficult to picture a world without lolcats. I mean, obviously I know it existed, I was ALIVE, but still. Weird.

Health care! Granted, I'm Canadian so I already had it, but still, hurrah. (The Stupak Amendment is still getting me down, though.)

This. Yes. A thousand times yes.

Baby otters.

... my mother just poked her head into my bedroom to inform me that she stole a turkey. I think the poor woman may finally be cracking under the stress.

* The Iron Giant is also something I get absurdly teary over. Actually, E.T. and The Iron Giant are pretty much the same story, except one has kids riding bicycles into the moon and the other one has, um, atomic bombs. I think The Iron Giant is a better story overall, but I don't remember watching it in a pair of footie pajamas so E.T. has the upper hand when it comes to turnin' on the waterworks.

** His parents are Ukrainian-Canadian (hence the single-vowel name), he was raised partly in London, and he spent a good lot of his college years in Prague. Try to imagine what that sounds like. Then add a drawl, expressive hand gestures, a look of vague disdain, and a little black cap. Yep. TERRIFYING.

*** No, really, that's how I said it.


Dec. 14th, 2009 05:48 pm
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Your ass better fucking reply, Iero.
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MY LITTLE BROTHER IS THIRTEEN TODAY. THIRTEEN. THIRTIZZLE!!!!!!! We celebrated by eating lunch in a vegan restaurant and going to the Clay Cafe, because he is a lesbian. (We also watched 28 Days Later and will be watching either 28 Weeks Later or the third season of Buffy later tonight. Little Brother likes his birthdays like he likes his women: undead and full of feminism.) I got him a Freddie Mercury action figure and two Nightmare Before Christmas pins. I also gave him a piggyback downtown, because we are both ridic.

Mannnnn, I remember when he was a tiny wee wrinkly baby and I brought him in for show and tell because he was the first brother I ever had! I was excited about having a brother back then and I'm still excited now. Happy birthday, honeybee. ♥

(Oh, yeah, and that noise you hear? That's just bandom being better than any other fandom ever.)
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Something that [ profile] yan_tan_tether found: an ooooold video from Mikeyway's birthday party! (Sorry if this is old news, I haven't seen it before.)


- Gerard, bb, if I can recognize you from the back because of your incredibly poor posture it is time to stand up fucking straight.
- Mikeyway is a lesbian! Seriously. I know like five queer girls who look just like him.
- Cannibal Corpse, Toro? Really? :\
- Ahahahaaaaa, Frank is getting into a fight. OF COURSE.

Recipe for the best mug of hot chocolate EVER: Pour milk (white and chocolate) into saucepan, add liberal splashes of chocolate syrup and Bailey's. Bring to a boil and pour into cup- commemorative Shag Harbour china mug, for preference- then add six Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles and stir. Your tastebuds will be happy, although your teeth may not.

Unrelatedly, I am so fucking gay for Eddie Izzard right now it's not even funny.

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