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I've recently discovered a blog called Adulting, in which an intrepid reporter gives advice on how to behave like, well, an adult. It occasionally has some advice I disagree with- no one but no one is going to take away my goddamn posters, okay? I don't CARE if it's "college-y"- and there's this weird recurring Joan Holloway idolization that weirds me out*, but it is generally a very useful resource that has taught me some interesting tidbits. (Example: did you know you can put damp sponges in the microwave to get rid of bad sponge smells? Well, now you do!)

It's made me start thinking about things I do (or would like to start doing!) that make me feel like an adult, in that happy, cozy, I-am-not-the-fuckup-I-figured-I'd-be-when-I-was-thirteen-and-thinking-about-my-impending-adulthood way. Here are some of them:

1. Making lists. I make a fuck of a lot of lists. To Do lists, grocery lists, music lists, invite lists, clothing lists, lists of names for the hypothetical children my ladyfriend and I might eventually want to have.** Lists are quick, easy, and give your life that extra organizational boost you (and I) probably need.

2. Taking out the garbage the night before garbage day. Full disclosure: I did this for the first time last night and it was AWESOME. What seems to take forever first thing in the morning takes roughly five seconds at night, and then you don't have to worry about getting up early to catch the garbage truck. \o/

3. Taking your beer bottles to be recycled. Amy and I drink a lot. This is probably not news to anyone who's seen that elbow licking video, but, yeah, we do. For the past year or so we had roughly forty boxes of empties just stacked in corners, like that unwelcome guest who is still in your living room when 4 A.M. rolls around. A few weeks ago we lugged the lot of them to the local corner store to be recycled and got a whopping eleven dollars back for our trouble.*** It was like we were being paid to clear out our kitchen.

4. Making tea in a pot. This could also be "owning a tea pot," since there are few things that make you feel as delightfully, tweely adult as owning a tea pot. Using it is even better, though! Using a tea pot to make tea means that you get tea (which is a plus because tea), and also everyone around you gets tea (which is a plus because you seem very sweet and thoughtful while enjoying your own delicious tea). There are no losers in situations involving tea pots.

5. Doing the dishes immediately after meals. Because the only alternative is rummaging in your cupboard for a bowl and slowly realizing that every single one you own is in the sink under ten thousand encrusted soup tureens.

6. Setting time aside to do housework. This is an adult thing that I was very committed to as a preteen. Every Saturday would see me meticulously tidying my room (this routine included dusting and vacuuming), scouring my hamster's cage, and cleaning the backyard. And then I would sit down and eat donuts and reread Through The Looking-Glass. True story! Now that I have a job and also friends and a life I usually can't commit the exact same day and length of time every week to cleaning, but I still try to make sure I schedule at least a little time every week.

7. Getting things tailored. This is one of those things I'd like to start doing. Due to recent weight gain I've gotten rid of a lot of clothes I actually really liked, and have only recently discovered that I could have gotten half that shit fixed to fit my new voluminous ass. Also, apparently these days they actually hem your jeans so they don't get all gross and raggedy where you step on them! SOLD.

8. Eating breakfast. I hate breakfast. Like, really fucking hate it. When I get up in the morning all I want to do is drink tea and stare blearily at my computer screen waiting for the world to make sense. However, I started eating breakfast a few months ago (because I am taking vitamins and if you take them on an empty stomach you are guaranteed a one-way ticket to Pukeville), and you know what? It makes me more alert! I have more energy! I am more cheerful and less likely to be mopey about the fact that I am up early! It is sad that it took me twenty three years to figure this out, but now I know, and breakfast is a regular occurrence for me. I may hate having to choke down a NutriBar while the rest of the world snoozes madly on, but it beats being cranky and listless all day.

9. Keeping up with the news. Another thing I'd really like to start doing (but haven't yet). Newspapers, the evening news, blogs and websites- there are a hell of a lot of ways to keep up with current events and not feel like a dumbass when people talk about them in front of you.**** Also, your Tumblr dash is not a legitimate news outlet, ELLIOTT. GOD.

10. Keeping the medicine cabinet stocked. A word to the wise: when you run out of any item in your medicine cabinet, replace it immediately. It is vey tempting to look at whatever you've run out of, think "oh, I won't need that for a long time," and promptly forget about it... until a few days later when you desperately need that thing and all local stores are closed. Think you don't need more Aspirin? Congratulations, here's a migraine. Feel like you can go a few days without Pepto-Bismol? Enjoy your heartburn! Use the last Band-Aid and blithely throw away the box? I guarantee you will lose an appendage in a meat grinder the next day. Keep your medicine cabinet full at all times and you will never find yourself walking thirty minutes to an all-night convenience store at three in the morning to buy a ten-dollar bottle of Tylenol.

What makes you feel like an adult, flist?

* It weirds me out when anyone idolizes Joan Holloway, to be honest. Yes, Joan is foxy and occasionally funny, but she is also mean as fuck and tends to lash out at the people beneath her when her life is shitty. Which is most of the time, because she is a woman in the sixties who married her rapist. If you love her clothes or her wit or whatever, fair enough, but if you want to model yourself after her, as a lot of people seem to want to do, I totally do not get your deal and think you are a little weird. I feel the same way about people who are super into Britta from Community. She is the WORST, guys, WHY DO YOU IDENTIFY WITH HER.

** My current favourite is "Matilda."

*** I then used this to buy a cheap bottle of red wine. I am nothing if not consistent.

**** Is there anything worse than that burny-face feeling you get when someone asks you a question about a current headline that you not only know nothing about, but did not even know existed? Well... yes. There are a lot of things worse than that, like genocide and famine and malaria and school shootings. It's embarrassing, is what I'm saying.
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Ages ago, someone on my flist posted a link to a site full of pictures of heavily tattooed people in casual wear next to pictures of the same people in their work clothes. I can't remember the name- Corporate Ink? Ink Inc?- but Google ain't giving me shit. Anyone have the URL?
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(No, this is not the Life Update you are looking for. It is coming, I swear! I need to tell you all about what an exciting time I'm having working two jobs and eating granola! Just... not today.)

Let's say I was planning on making a snark/nostalgia review book based on a series of books I read as a child, a la BSC Revisited.*

Would you be interested in reading about

a. the Animorph books;
b. Tamora Pierce (Tortall and Emelan); or
c. some other series I love(d) but happen to not remember at the moment?

* I'd probably have to tweak the format a little, especially if I was reviewing Tamora Pierce books- they are too fucking long for single-post updates/reactions. I like the idea of contrasting my nostalgic reaction with my current reaction, though.
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Questions for... well, everyone, I guess:

1) How big is the gap between Asperger's Syndrome and high-functioning autism? (From what I understand the two overlap a lot. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

2) What is the Baptist Church's official stance re:stigmata? (Any info about the Baptist Church would be useful, actually- I know very little about it.)

3) What does it feel like to have a nosebleed? (I've never had one.)

4) How do you know when "coffee" is not just coffee but coffee? (Because I just made plans to go for coffee with a friend, but I think said friend may be under the impression that these plans are for coffee instead of coffee. And, um, that could be problematic!)

5) How much does Thomas Hobbes suck? (Like, a lot, right?)

This list brought to you by the Gerald Doesn't Wanna Finish Hir Philosophy Paper Wildlife Fund.

ETA: From the essay I am currently writing on Hobbes' theory of the state of nature:

"Hobbes would have us believe that people tend not to murder their children because of the power of law and the state, but this is nonsense: anyone who has ever been in the same room with a fussy baby for more than ten minutes is sure to wonder why its parents do not simply drop it into the nearest lake and tell the authorities that dingoes ate it."

I don't even care if I am grossly misrepresenting Hobbes here,* I am not cutting that sentence.

* I am, but only because I don't like him.
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Have any of you ever attended any kind of Christian summer camp/retreat/youth group/etc? What was it like? Did you enjoy it? Were/are you religious? I've been thinking about my experiences at Jesus camp recently and wondering what other people's experiences were like in comparison. (I may write a long, rambling story about that at some later date. Or I may just write a book about it. Who knows, really.)

Comments are screened, so be as honest as you like.
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From a friend on Facebook:

so... some random girl went up to my gf at the hedwig show at the rockhouse and asked "are you ishyface?" hahahahhahah. michelle was like "uh noooo?" ... guess she was looking for you!

Alright, guys, fess up.
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Longquiz is long. )

ANYWAY. What I really logged in to ask: can anyone rec any rock/metal-esque bands who play (or are influenced by) traditional Celtic music? I ask in the name of NaNoWriMo SCIENCE!

(Extra imaginary Internet points if a fiddle is involved.)


Oct. 11th, 2009 02:56 pm
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Can anybody recommend any books, sites, etc. on Dianic Wicca that aren't either all "look at these manhaters hatin' on the menz!" or "KILL THE DICKS"? I've been interested in paganism for years- even had a brief, kind of embarrassing ~*~sparkly Wiccan~*~ phase back in junior high- and I've found myself increasingly drawn to Goddess worship lately, at least in theory, but some of the resources I've found on the subject have been... er... sketchy.

(This is one of the few exceptions. Oh, Monica Sjoo, I love you despite your weird anti-BDSM tirades.)

There's a pagan society at MUN that I've been meaning to check out as well, but they're more oriented towards more mainstream Wicca, with the sacred dualities and the Horned God and the Maiden-Mother-Crazy Cat LadyCrone thing. Which is fine and good and more power to them, but doesn't appeal to me as a genderqueer person.
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Two things:

1) My little sister has recently decided that she is destined to marry Brendon Urie,* and wants me (or, as she puts it, "your friends in the computer") to find her funny Panic clips so they'll have something to talk about on their wedding night. So if anyone's got some links to videos of those ridiculous boys and their ridiculous faces I'd be much obliged!

(She wanted me to say it like this: "Listen up, all you cool cats and hip chicks! I be lookin' for some funny Panic At The Disco vids for my little sister, 'cause she's cool as ice." Which... no. But I do think you are all very cool cats, hip chicks, and groovy otherwise-identified people! And it goes without saying that Little Sister is cool as ice.)

2) What is a better idea for a Hallowe'en costume, zombie Catholic school boy or vampire Oscar Wilde?

* And Nick Jonas. And Pete Wentz. And Michael Cera. And Gabe Saporta. And Shia LaBeouf. And Travis McCoy. And Johnny Depp. And William Beckett. And Pharrell Williams. Her love is pure, there's just a lot of it to go around.
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... is this tiny baby in footie pajamas laughing so hard he falls over.


No, Ma, I swear I'm childfree! Really!

What is making you grin like a doofus right now, flist?

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