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I am the laziest, but Chapter Nine is finally up!

Unrelated: I recently went to Halifax for a week to visit my ~folks (highlight: "Gangnam Style" playing in the gay bar), and while I was there I got a tattoo.

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Chapter Six is now up! I added in that gif mostly because I rewatched Hot Fuzz last night and it was as gay as I recalled.
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Chapter Four is now up! George Cooper: still creepy, gettin' creepier.

The Missus and I (plus a mutual friend) went to see The Hunger Games last night, and WERE WE NOT ENTERTAINED?! (We were, in fact!) Cinna and Haymitch were my favourites in the books and they continued to be my favourites on screen, but more so because Woody Harrelson and also Lenny Kravitz forever. I am weirded out that the dudes they got to play Peeta and Gale are being marketed as teen heartthrobs now, though. Those were the derpiest faces that ever hurr'd a durr.

Also: Wes Bentley's beard. I want one.
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George is so fucking creepy. Do you remember him as a creepy dude? Yeah, I didn't either.
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Chapter two is up. Still a terrible book!
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Final chapter FINALLY up. See what I did there? Oh ho ho, I'm so clever.
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Chapter Six is now up!
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Chapter Five is up! There are tits.
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Third chapter now up! Go read it and learn about how bullying is wrong.
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Second chapter is up at SotD. Read that shit, I'm funny.

just sayin'

Nov. 6th, 2011 02:53 pm
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First chapter of Alanna: The First Adventure is up at SotD. If that's, you know, your jam.

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